Add some flair to your conversations

Apple's Messaging App is a great communication tool. However, some of the coolest features of Messages are somewhat unknown and generally underutilized. We hope this guide is useful in helping you say more with less. Let's get started.

Voice Texts


Voice texts allow you to send short recordings to a message recipient in lieu of, or in addition to, a traditional text message. Recordings can be up to a minute long and can be sent to anyone that has an Apple device. Best yet, sending a Voice Text is easy. Start by opening up the Messages app, creating a new text message and selecting a recipient. 

To begin recording of a Voice Text, Tap and hold the microphone icon located on the right side of the main typing field. While still holding, speak into your iPhone to record a message. When you are finished speaking, release the Microphone icon and Tap the upward facing arrow to send your message. 




Effects in Messages are short, cute animations that can be used to great effect to enhance and make your text messages more fun. There are two types of Effect animations: Bubble Effects and Screen Effects. Bubble Effects animate how the actual text bubble appears on your recipient's screen. Bubble effects include Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink.  To add a Bubble effect to a message,

Type your message > Tap and hold the upward facing arrow > Tap on Bubble > Tap the selected effect > Tap the upward facing arrow to Send


Digital Touch

Digital Touch allows you to draw and send a variety of picture messages via the messages app. You can send animated lips, a beating heart, and kisses. To use Digital Touch, after you've created a new message and selected a recipient,

Tap the chevron to the left of the main input bubble > Tap on the Digital Touch icon > Select the upward facing chevron to enlarge the screen > Select your Digital Touch animation > Create your animation > Tap the green upward facing arrow to Send


💡Tip: Digital Touch even allows you draw on top of photos and video by tapping the Camera icon in the bottom lleft-hand corner of the Digital Touch menu. 


Handwriting is as simple as it sounds: you can sketch out short, simple messages with your finger right from the Messages app. You're only limited by your imagination. To send a handwritten message from Messages, after you've created a new message and selected a recipient,

Turn your phone horizontally > Tap the Handwriting icon > draw your message > Tap 'Done' > Reorient your phone and send your message


💡Tip: In order to use handwriting, you'll need to ensure that your phone's orientation lock is off.

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