Night Shift: Get better zzz's


According to the National Sleep Foundation, using a smartphone or desktop computer too close to bedtime can have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. Smartphones and desktop computers (including laptops) emit blue light, a short wavelength, high-intensity light common to LED bulbs and sunlight. Blue light is vital for our functioning as it provides important 'wake-up' signals that keep us alert and focused. Blue light also helps regulate our circadian rhythm, our natural, 24-hour sleep-wake cycle.

Blue light can also have a dark side. Our blue light-emitting smartphones and computers can affect our natural sleep cycles due to overexposure later in the day. This can lead to grogginess, irritability, an inability to focus, and overall, poor quality sleep. Luckily,  Apple engineers have struck upon a pretty cool solution: Night Shift.

Night Shift is an Apple display setting that automatically reduces the level of blue light emitted by your phone or computer screen. Turning on Night Shift a few hours before bed can greatly reduce your exposure to blue light, helping you get better quality sleep. The best part: Night Shift can be used on both iPhones and Macs, and turning it on is a breeze.

Turning on Night Shift

On your iPhone, you can turn on Night Shift manually via the 'Mission Control' panel, or have the Night Shift function scheduled to turn on automatically at a certain time of day.

To turn on Night Shift via the control panel, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to show the control panel: 


Then, Tap and Hold the Brightness Slider until you see a button appear for Night Shift. Tap the button to toggle Night Shift. 


To schedule Night Shift to turn on automatically, from the Home Screen

Tap 'Settings' > Tap 'Display & Brightness' > Tap 'Night Shift' > Turn on 'Scheduled' > Tap 'From To' and Select your desired time interval


Turn on Night Shift on your Mac

To turn on Night Shift on your Mac, from your Desktop

Swipe over or click the Notification Center icon in your Top Toolbar > Scroll up > Turn on 'Night Shift'


To schedule Night Shift to turn on automatically, from your desktop:

Click on the Apple Logo in the top left-hand corner > Click on 'System Preferences' > Click on 'Displays' > Click on 'Night Shift' > From the 'Schedule' drop down menu > Select 'Custom' and input your Night Shift start and end times. 

night-shift-system preferences.png

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